A direct line to expert advice on how your dog’s MDR1 genotype affects drug safety

It is normal to worry about your dog or cat’s safety after he or she has tested positive for the MDR1 mutation. Questions arise: Is that flea and tick medication safe? How about the heartworm preventative prescribed by your veterinarian? Fears are even more amplified when your pet is dealing with an emergency or a life-threatening diagnosis like cancer.

When you purchase WSU’s MDR1 test and have your pet genotyped by our experts, you and your veterinarian will have immediate and 24/7 access to MDR1Caddie™, a direct line to having your questions answered by the leading authorities – veterinary pharmacologist Dr. Katrina Mealey, who discovered the MDR1 genetic mutation in dogs and cats, and her team – on how MDR1 genotypes affect drug safety. 

Dr. Katrina Mealey at her desk with her dog in the lap.

Dr. Mealey, the founding director of the Program in Individualized Medicine at WSU and recognized as a global expert in veterinary pharmacogenetics, also developed the first MDR1 genotyping tests for both dogs and cats. 

While other tests are available online, WSU’s is the only one intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment – which is critical when incorrect results can lead to fatal reactions to certain drugs, including many routinely prescribed by veterinarians. 

Whether you have questions about over-the-counter or prescription medicines, or if your pet needs emergency treatment, MDR1Caddie is your direct line to expert advice that may help save the life of your pet.

Submit questions and let MDR1Caddie™ keep your pet safe.