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For Pet Owners
MDR1 testing for your dog or cat
Test your pet and share the results with your veterinarian
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For Pet Owners

Why test with us?

Once we have determined your pet’s MDR1 genotype at WSU, veterinary pharmacologist Dr. Katrina Mealey, who discovered the MDR1 genetic mutation in dogs and cats, can work with you and your veterinarian through our online portal to determine the best course of action should your pet need to be treated with a medication known to cause adverse reactions in animals with the mutation.

Step 1. Order a MDR1 test for your dog or cat

Click on the order now button to set up an account and purchase a test.

You will receive two cheek swab brushes and a sample submission form in the test kit.

Submitting a blood sample from your veterinarian? Visit the For Veterinarians page for sample submission and shipping information.

$70 (US) for test (includes a cheek swab test kit)

Step 2. Collect a cheek swab sample

After receiving the test kit in the mail, please read all instructions before collecting the sample.

Take sample in the morning before the dog or cat has eaten or wait at least 30 minutes after the pet has eaten. Sample must be free from food particles.

Place the brush bristles between the pet’s inner cheek and gum. Twirl the brush with your thumb and forefinger while moving it back and forth on the surface of the cheek.

Continue this motion for 20 seconds using the amount of pressure your pet will comfortably accept. Use your other hand to gently keep the pet’s mouth closed.

Repeat sample collection on the other side of the mouth using the second brush.

Air dry brushes for 30 minutes, then place the brushes in the swab sleeve. Do not touch the brush bristles with your fingers.

Step 3. Label paper backing of the cheek swab sleeve

Label the paper backing of the swab sleeve with the pet’s name, owner’s first and last name (or veterinary clinic), and the dog’s breed (use pen or permanent marker).

Note: Make sure the name on the swab pouch is the same as the name on the sample submission form. Samples submitted with unclear labeling cannot be tested.

Step 4. Ship the cheek swab sample

Place swab pouch and the submission form in a shipping envelope (business size #10 or padded envelopes work nicely). Please include a complete return address on the outside of your shipping envelope.

You will receive an email once we have received your sample. 

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