UGT Submission Instructions

Submission of UGT sequences for naming

Sequence requirements

  1. Only amino acid (cDNA) sequences obtained from sequencing mRNA (such as by cDNA cloning, RT-PCR, or RNAseq) can be named.  mRNA sequences obtained solely by gene prediction computer software from genome sequences are not sufficient.
  2. Submitted sequences must contain the conserved UGT protein sequence domain. This can be checked at this web site:
  3. At least 300 amino acid residues (minimum) must be submitted to enable unambiguous comparisons with existing UGT sequences.
  4. Organism genus and species information must be provided to facilitate analysis using the appropriate Kingdom group and to differentiate allelic variants (same species) from orthologous genes (different species).

Format for submission

Please download the UGT Sequence Submission Form and provide the following information (corresponding to the columns):

  1. *A temporary unique name for each UGT (<10 characters; no spaces; GsUGT_01, GsUGT_02, GsUGT_03.... for example)
  2. *Organism scientific name (genus/species)
  3. Common  name
  4. Nucleotide ID (Genbank number) if known
  5. Protein ID (Genbank number) if known
  6. Submitter name
  7. Submission date
  8. Any comments
  9. Sequence length (needs to be at least 300 aa)
  10. *Amino acid sequence (in one cell - no spaces - no stop codon)

  *Required information

   Leave cell empty if any information is unknown.

Submit sequences by email

Send file with a brief request message to Dr Michael Court.

You will normally receive an acknowledgement of receipt within ~2 working days.

Most requests are completed within 1 to 2 weeks.  For a large number of sequences (>30) it will take longer.

Please note that this is done on a volunteer basis as a service to the scientific community and so your patience is greatly appreciated.