PrIMe Members Page


Judy Arneson

Arneson, Judy

Program Assistant

Role: Provides administrative support and coordination for the MDR1 genotyping service; public liaison.

Neal Burke

Burke, Neal

Research Tech Supervisor

Role: Neal serves as the supervisor of the Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory and works closely with Dr. Mealey on all research projects in the laboratory.

Rebecca Connors

Connors, Becky

Veterinary Technician

Role: Coordinates all aspects of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s DNA Bank.

Jillian Haines

Haines, Jillian

Assistant Professor, VCS

Research: Jillian's current research work is aimed at improving treatments for platelet disorders and megaesophagus in dogs.

Tania Perez Jimenez

Perez, Tania

Assistant Professor, VCS

Research: Tania’s PhD thesis work aimed to enhance the effectiveness of tramadol for treating pain in dogs through genotype-guided individualization of therapy and by coadministration of drugs that can increase analgesic metabolite concentrations.

Stephanie Martinez

Martinez, Stephanie

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research: Stephanie is determining the effect of newly discovered genetic polymorphisms in the canine P450 oxidoreducatase gene on drug metabolism in dogs using recombinant enzyme expression techniques.

Rance Sellon

Sellon, Rance

Associate Professor, VCS

Research: Investigating potential mechanisms underlying glucocorticoid resistance and sensitivity in dogs.

Zhaohui Zhu

Zhu, Zhaohui

Research Technologist 3

Role: Zhaohui is the manager of the Court laboratory and works closely with Dr Court on several projects involving genotyping of the WSU DNA bank samples.

Former (alumni)

Sol Rivera Velez

Rivera Vélez, Sol

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research: Sol’s research interests included the development/improvement of analytical techniques for measuring different compounds in biological matrices, mass spectrometry, methods for determining albumin glycation, and the study of compounds with anti-glycation activity.

Jennifer Slovak

Slovak, Jennifer

Assistant Professor, VCS

Research: Jennifer's research was aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of immune mediated and inflammatory conditions of the dog and cat with special interest in the gastrointestinal system

Marie Andresen

Andresen, Marie

Undergraduate Honors Student

Research: Marie’s honors thesis project involved using recombinant enzymes and liver microsomes to identify the cytochrome P450 enzymes that metabolize propofol in dogs.

Tom Jukier

Jukier, Tom

Clinical Instructor, VCS

Research: Tom's Masters project determined the effect of the ABC transporter ABCG2, which is expressed at the blood brain barrier, on antiepileptic drugs used in dogs and cats.

Ana Costa

Costa, Ana

PhD Graduate Student

Research: Ana's PhD thesis work explored drug-protein binding interactions and their effects on drug disposition in dogs.

Pamela Lee

Lee, Pamela

Assistant Professor, VCS

Research: Pam's research focused on improving the effectiveness of clopidogrel for preventing life-theatening blood clots in cats with heart disease.

Alice Morassi

Morassi, Alice

Masters Graduate Student

Research: Alice explored drug-protein binding interactions and their effects on drug disposition in dogs and cats


Ioannis Papageorgiou

Papageorgiou, Ioannis (John)

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research: John explored the genetic mechanisms underlying variable drug metabolism, focusing on the regulation of the human UGT1A glucuronidation enzymes by microRNAs.

Janne Lyngby

Lyngby, Janne Graarup

Masters Graduate Student

Research: Janne developed and validated an HPLC-mass spectrometry assay to measure the active metabolite of clopidogrel in cat blood samples and demonstrated it's utility in a pilot study of healthy cats given clopidogrel.