Can you predict if a litter of puppies will have the MDR1 genetic mutation?

Two black and white Border Collie puppies licking each other on the face.
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If you know whether the sire and dam have the mutant MDR1 gene, you can accurately predict if puppies in their litter will have the MDR1 genetic mutation.

The chart below details breeding pair combinations and outcomes:

 Normal/Normal MaleNormal/Mutant* MaleMutant/Mutant Male
Normal/Normal Female100% Normal/Normal puppiesNormal/Normal and/or Normal/Mutant puppies100% Normal/Mutant puppies
Normal/Mutant* FemaleNormal/Normal and/or Normal Mutant puppiesAny combination of puppiesNormal/Mutant and/or Mutant/Mutant puppies
Mutant/Mutant Female100% Normal/Mutant puppiesNormal/Mutant and/or Mutant/Mutant puppies100% Mutant/Mutant puppies