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AKC awards $150,000 to PrIMe laboratory for Sighthound genetic research

April 1, 2016
The American Kennel Club (AKC) has awarded $150,000 to Dr. Michael H. Court BVSc, PhD (principal investigator) and Dr. Stephanie Martinez, PhD. (postdoctoral fellow) to study adverse drug reactions in greyhounds and related sighthound dog breeds.   The project entitled “Understanding the Genetics of Adverse Drug Reactions in Sighthounds” (AKC grant #02242) will determine the effect of several genetic mutations on drug metabolism enzyme function using cell-based model systems.  These mutations were discovered in a targeted genetic screen of greyhound DNA and may explain why some greyhounds wake up slowly from a number of anesthetic drugs.  Importantly, other sighthound dog breeds such as Scottish deerhounds and non-sighthound breeds such as border collies have this mutation.  The ultimate goal is to develop a genetic test that could identify dogs at risk that will require different drugs or drug dosages.
AKC Canine Health Foundation