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PrIMe graduate student awarded Morris Animal Foundation Fellowship

September 1, 2015
Dr. Tania E. Perez-Jimenez (DVM, MS) has been awarded a highly competitive 2-year Fellowship training grant from the Morris Animal Foundation in support of her PhD thesis project.  Dr. Perez recently completed her training as a veterinary anesthesiologist in the WSU residency program under Drs. Tammy Grubb and Stephen Greene (PriMe faculty members); and is now receiving pharmacology research training in Dr. Michael Court’s Pharmacogenomics laboratory.  The goal of her study is to improve the effectiveness of tramadol for pain relief in dogs through genetic testing and combination drug therapies.  Although tramadol is widely used by veterinarians to treat mild to moderate pain in dogs, there is evidence that this drug may not work well in many patients because of genetic differences and administration of other interacting drugs.  Her study will identify genes (and ultimately a gene test) that could be used to determine which dogs would respond best to tramadol.  She will also identify which other drugs could interfere with the analgesic effect of tramadol (and should be avoided), and also which other drugs might boost the pain relief from tramadol (and could be given as a combination therapy).
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